Eagle Owl Starsky

Eagle Owl Starsky

Yes of the Eagles
Date of Birth
March 12, 2008
Tigerhawk, Eagle Hawk and Tigermoth
Roster and Everest
Sparrow, Swan, Swallow, Raven, Robbin, Parrot, Krestal, Free One, Friendly One and Lost One...etc...
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Amphiptere and Eagles



Eagle Owl(VSKF022) was born on March 12, 2008 in the Starsky. Her mother was Kinkaju and her father was JD. Her litter-mates were Tigerhawk, Eagle Hawk and Tigermoth. They all survived to adulthood. Kinkaju evicvted her eldest daughters and soon Eagle Owl and Tigermoth became the oldest females. After Kikaju died, Tigermoth quickly took dominance of the Starsky. She began to evicted females, when she got pregnant. She evicted Eagle Owl alogn with Finch, Hawk and Mongoose. They left the group and formed a new one with Raptors males.


The stayed together and formed the Amphiptere Mob. Eagle Owl was the oldest female so she took dominance of the group. Roster became ner mate. On June 10, 2010 Eagle Owl gave birth to Sparrow, Swan and Swallow.T hey were her first litter ever. Than on August 18, 2010 Eagle Owl gave birth to Raven, Robbin, Parrot and Krestal. She had evicted Finch and Hawk. When Finch rejoined the group she over threw Eagle Owl and became the new dominant female. Finch evicted Eagle Owl and Hawk but Hawk soon rejoined the Amphitere. She left the group and teamed up with three of her sisters from the Starsky, Dove, Srcuffy and Puffy who were evicted for mating with rovers.


They formed a new group called the Eagles Mob. Eagle Owl had another chance at being a dominant female again so she took dominance of the Eagles along with Everest a Commando male. Eagle Owl gave birth to Free One, Friendly One and Lost One on October 6, 2010. Then on February 12, 2011 she gave birth to four more pups. Eagle Owl is still the dominant female of the Eagles today.


Mother: Kinkaju

Father: JD

Sister: Tigermoth

Brothers: Tigerhawk and Eagle Hawk

Mates: Roster and Everest

First litter born on June 10, 2010 fathered by Roster

Sparrow (VAPM001)

Swan (VAPF002)

Swallow (VAPM003)

Second litter born on August 18, 2010 fathered by Roster

Parrot (VAPM004)

Robin (VAPF005)

Krestal (VAPM006)

Raven (VAPF007

Third litter born on October 6, 2010 fathered b Everest

Free One (VEGP001)

Friendly One (VEGF002

Lost One (VEGM003)

Fourth litter born on February 12, 2011 fathered by Everest VEGP007





Starsky Mob

Amphiptere Mob

Eagles Mob