EJ Starsky


was born on November 21, 2007 in the Starsky Mob. His mother was Kinkaju and his father was JD. EJ was born in a large litter of six pups, his litter-mates were JC(VSKM015), KC(VSKF016), AJ(VSKM017), DW(VSKF018) and TJ(VSKM019). All six pups survived to adulthood. In late 2009 both Kinkaju and JD died leaving Tigermoth as the new dominant female. She evicted KC and DW along with Chocobo, Bunny and Batty. EJ left with the eldest males to go roving. Upon their return then instead ran into the evicted females and formed a splinter group than did not rejoined the Starsky.


The splinter group was called the Chocobos Mob, named after the dominant female Chocobo. None of the males established dominance so a singal Vivian rover named Kubu joined the group and became the dominant male. EJ started to rove with the other males but remained in the group. All of EJ's litter was in the Chocobos and even though his sisters were older than Chocobo, they did not try and take dominance from her. In June 2012 JC, AJ and TJ left the group with BJ and DJ to form the Lemurs. EJ was the last of the Starsky males still in the Chocobos and soon his sisters KC, DW, Bunny and Batty were evicted and left the group. Sadly in March 2012 Kubu died soon after Chocobo's lastest litter. EJ was the oldest of the males so he established dominance beside his younger sister. Since he could not mate with any of the females in the group, EJ often went roving at the new by mobs with his nephews. EJ is still alive as the dominant male of the Chocobos today.


Starsky Mob

Chocobos Mob

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