Dusty Hobbits

Dusty Hobbits

Hobbits Mob and Top Cats Mob
Date of Birth
June 12, 2005
None Yet
Known For
Echo's Daughter


Dusty(XHF002) was born in the Hobbits Mob on June 12, 2005. Her mother was Echo and her father was Shakespeare. Herlitter-mates were Hamlet(XHM001), Lear(XHM003), Misty(XHF004), Othello(XHM005) and Pixie(XHF006). She was born in a litter of six pups! She and all her litter-mates survived to adulthood. Then on October 31, 2005 Echo gave birth to Sinbad, Renegade, Zombie, Charcoal and Vulture. Dusty's litters was no olnger the pups of the group anymore. With the new pups the Hobbits' numbers were up to 18 members. One January 25, 2006 Echo gave birth to Libitina, Ares, Mercury and Morpheus. All four survived. Ragga Muffin and Mitch left the group and formed the Munchkins. On May 12, 2006 Echo gave birth to another litter of five pups; Clover, Iris, Baobab, Violets and Bamboo. In June Dusty's uncles on his mother's side Warlock, Thunderbird and Cosmo left the group to form the Wizards. On August 16, 2006 Echo gave birth to Rhino and Zebra, Echo's smallest litter by far. A week after they were born a snake slithered down the babysitting burrow. Hamlet's litter-mate brother Othello was babysitting that day. When the group returned Echo, Shakespeare, Hamlet, Misty, Dusty and a few other members went down the burrow and confronted the snake. The two pups were removed by Misty and Sinbad. Echo was bitten by the snake and come out of the burrow. With Echo disabled by the posion Dusty took over the situanion and moved the two pups to a nearby burrow with the help of Misty. The other members follow including Echo who was one of the last members to make her way to the new burrow. After the burrow move Echo disappeared under ground and hasn't been seen since. A few months later the group split.

Top CatsEdit

Dusty took dominance of the splinter group which never rejoined the Hobbits and became known as the Top Cats Mob. Dusty became the dominant female of the group.Axel Became the dominant male.


Mother: Echo

Father: Shakespeare

Sisters: Pixie and Misty

Brothers: Hamlet, Lear and Othello


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