Dryiod Vexos


Dryiod(VVXM017) was born on October 26, 2003 in the Vexos Mob. His mother was Mylene. He was born with three litter-mates, his two sisters Elico(VVXF016) and Theta(VVXF018) and one brother Macubass(VVXM019). At the time their mother was the dominant female with their uncle Hydron. Dryiod and his litter-mates were taken cared by the few adults in the Vexos at the time, however all four pups survived and started foraging with the adult. When Dryiod was two months old, a rare event happen. Five evicted females from the Pegasus Mob were seen following the group. The females maganed to join the Vexos and kicked out Dryoid's mother Mylene. The oldest and biggest female named Naga took Mylene's position as the new dominant female. A few days later Hydron lost his status as dominant male to his litter-mate brother Volt. Dryiod stayed out of the dominance fights since he was too young. He and his three siblings survived to adulthood and started helping out in the mob. Dryiod started roving with the other adult males. As he got older he started to rove away from the Vexos more and more and soon became one of the biggest rovers. It is unknown if he fathered any pups yet. Dryoid is still in the Vexos today but spends most of his time roving.


Mother: Mylene

Father: Unknown

Brother: Macubass

Sisters: Elico and Theta


Vexos Mob

Mylene Vexos

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