Drew Commandos

Drew Guarding on termite mound

Formally of the Leprechaun
Date of Birth
June 15, 2005
Zorilla and Aragorn
Mo, Phoebe and Rusty
Known for
Dominant Male of the Leprechaun


Drew(VCDM007) was born on June 15, 2005 in the Commandos Mob. His mother was Zorilla the dominant female and his father was Aragorn the dominant male. Drew's litter-mates were Mo(VCDM005), Phoebe(VCDF008) and Rusty(VCDM006). His father Aragon sadly died and Drew's older brother Ketamine took male dominance next to their mother Zorilla. Drew lived in the Commandos for two and a half years year before he went roving in early 2007.


Drew when roving one day by himself and came across a mob that just recently lost their dominant couple. This mob was the Whiskers. Flower had only died a month before and her daughter Rocket Dog took female dominance after her. Zaphod, Flower's partner, had left the group to find a new mate. Drew caught Rocket Dog's attention, without alerting the other males. He emigrated into the group and took male dominance next to Rocket Dog. His reign was short lived though. Zaphod returned to the Whiskers kicking Drew out of the group when he saw him. Drew returned to the Commandos where he stayed for a few months. Then in late 2007, He went roving with Wilson. they came arcoss three evicted females.


The new group was called the Leprechaun Mob. The females were Mozart, Armanita Ditch and De La Soul. He and Mozart took dominance of the new group. Mozart soon gave birth to Prowler, Hunter, Pounce and Mange. They were their first litter in the new mob. Then she gave birth to Piggy and Kermit. Then her third litter was born on September 6, 2008. The pups were Twit, Olly, Bamperand Hefagus. Armanita Ditch gave birth to 2D, Noodle, Murdoc and Russel on November 26, 2008. Mozart gave birth on March 23, 2009 to Harry, Hermione and Ron. Her last litter was born on July 27, 2009. Mozart gave birth to Shrek and Fion. Drew died on August 25, 2009. Then Mozart was bitten by a snake but survived. She was predated by a Bird of Prey on September 16, 2009. His daughter Mange and brother Wilson took dominance. After Wilson, Drew's son Prowler from her first litter took male dominance. Then Shady from the Starsky joined and took male dominance beside Mange.


Commandos Mob

Leprechaun Mob

Mozart Whiskers

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