Dream was born Janury frist in the newly formed kit kats mob1Her mother was Roseanata and her father was unknown.Her mother was evicted from the Ash mob befor she was even born.Dream and her Brother Maxwell surived to aldthood.Dream started to babysit her mother's pups at one year old.Dream and her brother Maxwell were the most spoloied and maxwell begam selfish.Dream was always Roseanata's most careing daughter.when she reached the age of three years old on Janury1,she gave birth to three pups.Dream's mother allowed the pups to live.But on Janury 15 2010,Roseanata evicted her vilonty.She was all alone for a week.Luckliy,4 evicted feamales from a different grup the Ashs how travled far.Then,Dream was allwod back into the grup,but Roseanata allwod the athoer 4 evicted feamales to join the grupe.Dream's pups onley made it to two years old.Dream kept babysisting like she used to,but teengers came and betten up one of the pups.But Dream saved him in time and betten up every single teenger.Dream is still alvie today and is four years old.

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