Dragonfire Mob
Date of Forming
Feb 2011
Strawberry Miracle Jerry Lewis MacDaddy
Dominant Female(s)
Strawberry and Mackenzie
Dominant Male(s)
Jerry Lewis and Billy
Current Dominant Female
No information
Current Dominant Male
No information
Number of Members
Evicted Meerkat(s)
Roving Meerkat(s)
 The Dragonfire Mob was founded in February 2011 by two wild females and two Ghost Rider males. Strawberry assumed position of dominant female while Jerry Lewis assumed position of dominant male.

Dominant PairEdit

When the mob was founded back in February 2011 the dominant pair was Strawberry and Jerry Lewis. It is now 2013 and they are still the dominant pair of the group. Two years later Mackenzie overthrew Strawberry. A wild male named Billy joined the group and overthrew Mac Daddy to become the Dominant Male


The Dragonfire mob have 40 as of January 2014.

Mackenzie (ZDFF035) Dominant Female

Billy (ZDM052) Dominant Male

Jerry Lewis (GRMM019)

Strawberry (DFMF001)

MacDaddy (GRMM020)

Miracle (DFMF002)

Paprika (DFMF003)

Oregeno (DFMM004)

Cilantro (DFMM005)

Crinkles (DFMF006)

Chocolate Fudge (DFMM007)

Sparkler (DFMF008)

Volcano (DFMM009)

Nova (DFMF010)

Luna (DFMF011)

Solar (DFMM012)

Big Show (DFMM013)

Triple H (DFMM014)

Lora (DFMF015)

Bloom (DFMF016)

Quick Strike (DFMM017)

Frost (DFMM018)

Flicker (DFMF019)

Flash (DFMM020)

Flashmina (DFMF021)

Batista (DFMM022)

John Cena (DFMM023)

Toga Man (DFMM024)

Raven (DFMF025)

Ravinsk (DFMM026)

Rock (DFMM027)

Coconut (DFMF028)

Bannana (DFMF029)

Slamma (DFMM030)

Hulk Hogan (DFMM031)

Sapphire (DFMF032)

Meghan (ZDFF033)

Sierra (ZDFF034)

Michelle (ZDFF036)

Flame Prince (ZDFM037)
















In 2011 the Dragonfire main rivals were the Whiskers and the Lazuli, but in May of 2013 the Dragonfire moved and the Aztecs and Commandos became their new rivals.

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