Dracula Vampires
Yes of the Vampires
Date of Birth
First Seen: October 13, 2009
Ichiru, Zero, Yuki, Shiki, Rima and Takuma
Known For
Second dominant male of the Vampires


Dracula(VVPM001) was first seen on October 13, 2010. He was born in a wild group. His mother was either the dominant female or a Subordinate female. His father was either the dominant male or a rover. His litter-mates are unknown but he was first seen with Van(VVPM002), Helsing(VVPM003) and Alucard(VVPM004). They left their wild group to rove and brought pup Alucard with them. Maybe their old mob died out the they were the remining members but that is unknown. The four mlaes soon joined three evicted Drie Doring females and formed a new group.


The new group was named the Vampires Mob. At first Helsing won males dominance over the other males. Tekla, Nikita and Trinity fought for dominance but they were all the same age. Tekla finnaly assumed dominance. Trinity gave birth first but lost her litter, Nikita then gave birth but her litter was kllied too by Tekla. She gave birth to Kaname, Seiren and Ruka on November 27, 2009. Then Dracula managed to over threw Helsing and become the dominanct male. Soon after Trinity over threw her sister Tekla and became the dominant female and his new mate. Trinity gave birth to Ichiru, Zero and Yuki on March 16, 2010. Tekla and Nikita got pregnant again. Nikita gave birth to Aido, Sayori and Kain on 18, 2010. Tekla gave birth to Maria and Shindo on June 28, 2010. On September 12, 2010 Trinity gave birth to Shiki, Rima and Takuma. Trinity and Dracula are still the Dominant Pair of the Vampires today.


Vampires Mob

Trinity Drie Doring

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