Douglas Young Ones


Yes of the Voodoo
Date of Birth
November 11, 1999
Morgause and Keros
Mary Ellan, Jason, John Boy and Jim Bob
Known For
Dominant Male of the Voodoo
Also Known As
Ozzy on Meerkat Manor

Young OnesEdit

Douglas(VYM061) was born on 11th November 1999 in the Young Ones Mob. His mother was Morgause and his father was Keros. Douglas' litter-mates were Mary Ellan(VYF060), Jason(VYM062), John Boy(VYM063) and Jim Bob(VYM059). The litter survived to adulthood. He stayed in the Young Ones family for three years. Then he went roving with some Young Ones males including his brother Jim Bob. On 5th November, they emigrated into the Vivian. Jim Bob being the biggest male won dominance over Douglas. Jim Bob and Rhian were the dominant pair of the group. Douglas lived as a subordinate under his brother. He was seen often as a sentry duty. He spotted most of the dangers like predators and rival groups. He was one of the main sentry for the Vivian. One day the Vivian were out foraging and Douglas spotted a rival mob. It was the Whiskers. The Vivian attacked but were chased away. Douglas didn’t make it back to the burrow. He died in battle fighting the Whiskers. The Vivian lost one of their greatest sentries and Jim Bob lost his litter-mate brother.


Douglas wasn't lost. He reappeared in the new world called Umaboroo in the Zariboo Desert. He reappeared with Grog and Sepp. They roved for a while then they ran into four evicted Elves females. They formed a new group called the Voodoo. At first it seemed Scarlet would be dominant female but she was ousted by Taboo. Douglas' named was changed to Ozzy, his charater named in Meerkat Manor. He assumed male dominance of the new group. On January 30, 2006 Taboo gave birth to Togo, Buta, Andy and Fuji. All four pups survived. Her sister Scarlet also gave birth on April 12, 2006 to Flap, Tap and Snap. All three survived. In July 2006 Taboo evicted her sister Scarlet after a dominant fight. Ozzy mated with Taboo and she is pregnant. Ozzy and Taboo are still the dominant pair of the Voodoo today.


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