Dot(VANF003) was born in the Animaniacs on March 23, 2007. Her mother was Melissa and her father was Vulcan the first dominant pair of the Animaniacs. Dot was born with two brothers named Yakko(VANM001) and Wakko(VANM002). They were the first pusp born in the Animaniacs. The Animaniacs were a small young mob but all three pups survived their first few months. In September Melissa gave birth to another litter. Soon after Vulcan was overthrown by his brother Rex. Dot survived to adulthood and she and her brothers started helping out around the mob. Dot started to be evicted by her mother and soon became the oldest subordinante female when her aunts disappeared or died. In July Dot was pregnant and gave birth but her litter was killed by an unknown event, possibly by mangooses. In March 2011 Melissa died from disease, Dot was the oldest of the females, so she established dominance. Her father had taken back dominance from Rex in 2009 and remained the dominant male till June 2011 when he too succumbed to disease. Dot's uncle Boriates became the new dominant male, but he could not mate with her. Dot mated with a rover possibly from the Sioux and became pregnant. In July Dot aborted the litter. Dot soon became pregnant again and gave birth to Pinkie, The Brain and Snowball on November 27, 2011. Dot is still alive today as the dominant female of the Animaniacs today.


Animaniacs Mob

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