Dinsey was born Jan.12 2008.Her mother was the Domacatie female Roseanta,and her father was Prey.Dinsey was born as a single pup.Dinsey was never all that playfull,but very mature.She surived to alduthood.She would often babysist her mother's pups.Dinsey would always be on the lookout for birds.When Dinsey was three years old,she was bitten by a cape copra.But a micrale happed,she lived!Dinsey would always take things seriaulsy.Dinsey once got into a huge playfighting game with her younger siblings.Then the whole grup did.Dinsey begam more less replanbible.On Decmber 1,Dinsey was too busy playing,that a hawk cought her.But Dinsey was ver lucky,because she escaped,but had a huge scar on her right eye.Dinsey had learned her lesson,"Always be on alret'.Dinsey then mated with an unknown and unrelted male,but never gave birth.She is verey sweet. NOTE:I just had some sad news that Dinsey had disspered Jan.11 2011.We hope that she could still be alive and joined a differnt mob.Please post which mob is she in. She was last seen sleeping in the night.Thank you:)