Write the text of your article here! Dinomite was born Novmber 4,2010 in the Kit Kats.Dinomite's mother was the domacaite female,Roseanta.His father was Prey.Dinomite was a very adventures meerkat who pay less towards his mother and father.Dinomite struggled to kept up with the grupe when he went on his first foreing trip.Dinomite ran away and got lost.But luckily,Lily found him.Dinomite grew into a juvivall.He was still very playful and acted like a troublemaker.Dinomite began being an aldut and was still playful.But when he was two years old,he acted a little more respabible.Roseanta then allowed four evicted females to join the grupe.That made Dinomite want to rove.Dinomite mated with one,and she gave birth to three pups.Dinomite defended the pups from Roseanta who allowed them to live but evicted the female.Dinomite once left the grupe to rove but since there were no gripes arwoed,he came back.Dinomite started baby-sitting at three years old.Dinomite began resbialble and acted mature.Dinomite is now always on the lookout and helps pups.Dinomite is still alive.

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