Dina Twinkle(VXRF011) was born on June 17, 2010 in the Xerxes group. Her mother was Tinal Sparkle. Her father remains unknown. She had one litter-mate sister named Rina Speckle(VXRF010). When they were born Khasar took babysitting duties the first day. After the group left to foraging, he was seen taking the day old pups out of the burrow and carrying them to a two different bolt holes. He was seen bitting Dina Twinkle who cried. Her mother returned and took Dina Twinkle from Khasar. She took her back to the burrow. She then went to get Rina Speckle. Khasar got Dina Twinkle againa and carried her to a new bolt hole. Tina Sparkel was bale to get her back. The next few days Khasar returned or babysat and carried the pups to different bold holes where he tormented them. One day Tina Sparkle got tired of him abusing her pups so she atatcked him viciously. He fought backa dn use his bigger size agaianst her and evicted her from the group. He wouldn't let her return tot he burrow. Her pups were elft with no protector from Khasar. None of the females could feed the pup at the time so Dina Twinkle and Rina Speckle needed their mother. Tina Sparkle spent two days away from the gorup till Khasar finally let her rejoin the group. Dina Twinkle and her sister survived the two days with out their mother.


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