Desert Warriors

Season One

Meet the Meerkats

The Thunderkats- the mainly followed group

· Tami [the dominant female]

· Rose [Tami’s littermate]

· Evelyn [Tami’s competitive sister]

· Murray [Tami’s oldest son]

· Jeremy [Murray’s littermate]

· Suzie [Trusted babysitter]

· Pups [Future Warriors]

The Athens- the Thunderkats’ main rivals

· Jena [the uncompromising leader]

· Zeus [the dominant male]

· Aries [Athens Rover/Zeus’s littermate]

· Armani [Jena’s oldest daughter]

· Rush [Nervous male]

· Agnes [Beloved babysitter]

· Pups [Unbearable Brats]

The Pointers- a small rival gang

· Alina [the Dominant female]

· Alfred [the Natal dominant male]

· Jackson [Pointers Rover]

· Darlene [ Wayward female]

· Ashton [Courage male]

· Pups [Precious Gifts]

The Dreamers- a trio of evicted Thunderkat females

· Nelly [The oldest female]

· Marina [The nervous one]

· Ashley [The wayward sister]

This Season’s Episodes:

· Flowers of Spring

· A Long Way From Home

· Where Art Thou Romeo?

· Manor of Love

· In the Family Way

· Tami’s Choice

· Murray’s Lucky Day

· The Battle Field

· Dreams Do Come True

· A Deadly Mission

· The Takeover

· New Additions

· Great Expectations

Flowers Of Spring

This morning at the Thunderkat burrow, Tami and her sister Rose are up early. Lately tensions between the two siblings have been heating up. Tami recently mated with an Athens rover called Aries. A few weeks ago Rose managed to mate with him as well and both females are now pregnant. Normally Rose would have been evicted as soon as Tami became pregnant but they are from the same litter and extremely close.

If Rose is lucky and plays her cards right, Tami may take a chance and allow her to remain in the group. Murray appears at the burrow’s entrance and begins sunning himself. He’s the oldest male in the group and also the largest meerkat in Thunderkat territory. He would be an ideal dominant male but Tami is his mother so she can’t mate with him. His littermate Jeremy is also up and ready to go.

Tami’s seven week old daughters, Charlie and Charlotte are still fast asleep with their big sister Suzie. Evelyn is also below ground and Tami is unwilling to leave without the rest of the family. Rose, impatiently heads underground and brings Charlie above ground. Charlotte is soon brought above ground by Suzie. Tami, not keen to keep her most competitive littermate within the group, leads the Thunderkats out forging. No one thinks twice about Evelyn, still below ground.

An hour later, there are rich pickings thanks to the new rains spring as brought with it. Charlie has been brought a large scorpion and is finding it to be a bit of a mouthful. Tami is uninterested and heads farther afield to find richer pickings. She digs up a large lizard and quickly chomps it down.

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