Delpheus(VLZM003) was born in the Lazuli Mob on the 11th October 1997. His mother Ziziphus(VLZF001) and his father was Belgarion(VLZM002). He was born in a litter of four. His litter-mates were Amadeus(VLZM004), Eveus(VLZM005) and Odysseus(VLZF006)> In late 1998 he and his two litter-mate brothers, plus another older Lazuli male, Argon(VLZM002), left the group and teamed up with four evicted Young Ones females, Holly(VYYF008), Brambles(VYYF009), Piglet(VYYF014) and Spice(VYYF015), and and a wild male, Beetle(VWHM001) and formed the Whiskers Mob. Argon took dominant male and Brambles is dominant female until Holly deposed her. Delpheus, Eveus and Amadeus fought each other for dominance. Amadeus won second in cammand position in the group. Soon after a while, Delpheus, Amadeus, Eveus and later on Argon, left the group and according to the KMP, the joined the QQ Mob, a semi-habutated group , where Amadeus took over as dominant male. Soon after, the males later on disappeared.

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