&nbsp Dash(VWYM004) was First Seen in March 2009 in a newly formed group called the Whiskey. He was only one of the three males in the group. The other males were Arthur and Max and the females were Meg and Amy. Dash didn;t become the dominant male but Arthur did become the dominant male and Cara won dominance over Meg and Amy and became the dominant female. Since he wasn't a dominant male, he often went roving and took sentry. In December 2011 he went roving with Max, Brainy, Kevin and Martin and joined three evicted Baobab females and formed a new group.

Rookie MobEdit

The new group was named the Rookie and was tracked and followed by the World Meerkat Project(WMP). Leptis Magna easily became the dominant female and Dash became the dominant male. His mate Leptis Magna gave birth to her first liter of three pups on March 23, 2011. In October the Rookie encounted Whiskey two times. That same month Leptis Magna was pregnant with pups. She gave birth to those two pups on November 7, 2011. Dash is still the dominant male alongside his mate Leptis Magnatoday.

First litter born on March 23, 2011 mothered by Leptis Magna




Second litter born on November 7, 2011, mothered by Leptis Magna



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