Darwin Aztecs


Yes of the Outsiders
Date of Birth
August 17, 2008
Monkulus and Bruce
Ponyboy, Darrel, Sodapop, Sherri, Johnny, Marcia and Dallas
Known For
New Dominant Male of the Outsiders


Darwin(VAZM006) was born on August 17, 2008 in the Aztecs. His mother was Monkulus and his father was Bruce. Darwin’s litter-mates were Dali(VAZM005), Mimi(VAZF007) and Moliere(VAZM008). The dominant male of the Aztecs is Zaphod, Monkulus' uncle. Darwin grew fast with his siblings and they all survived to adulthood. Darwin took to roving like most young adult male meerkats. On November 6, 2008 Monkulus gave birth to Lola, Chaka and Proteus. In September 2009, Monkulus gave birth to three more pups Che Che, Ellie-Jade and Snowflake. Monkulus gave birth to some more pups later one. Their names are Toblerone, Tabie, Kathleen, Cameron, Molly and Gerald Durrell. December 2009 Monkulus gave birth to six pups. He roves with his brothers and his uncle Alonzo Mourning and litter-mate brother Dali.The came across another group called the Drie Doring Mob.

Drie DoringEdit

The three males easily joined the groupw ith most fo the adult males roving. Alonzo Mourning dethroned Finn MacCool taking the dominant positiona and the dominant female Mist as his mate. Finn MacCool went roving after that. Dali and Darwin weren't allowed to mate with the other females with their older unlce as the dominant male. Alonzo Mourning mated with Mist. Dali and Darwin are stayed in th Drie Doring long enough to babysit once then they went roving.


The two brothers roved a the new group called the Outsiders. The were able to join the new group. Since they were the only none natal males the fought for dominance. Darwin won and became the new dominant male of the Outsiders and McDreamy's mate. McDreamy, Eagle's Claw, Dragon's Fist and Tiger's Paw were all pregnant but Dragon's Fist aborted her litter. Eagle's Claw gave birth but McDreamy abandon the litter while Tiger's Paw aborted. On August 26, 2010 McDreamy gave birth to Ponyboy, Sodapop and Darrel. They were Darwin's first litter ever as well as McDreamy's. All three pups survived. Then on November 12, 2010 McDreamy gave birth Johnny, Dallas, Marcia and Sherri. Both litters survived thier first few weeks and started foraging.


Mother: Monkulus

Father: Bruce

Sister: Mimi

Brother: Dali and Moliere

Mate: McDreamy

First litter born on August 26, 2010 mothered by McDeamy

Ponyboy (VOTM001)

Sodapop (VOTM002)

Darrel (VOTM003)

Second litter born on November 12, 2010 mothered by McDeamy

Marcia (VOTF004)

Dallas (VOTM005)

Sherri (VOTF006)

Johnny (VOTM007)


Aztecs Mob

Drie Doring Mob

Outsiders Mob

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