Danny Embers

Danny Embers

Formerly of the Johnny 13
Date of Birth
August 18, 2009
Sam and Santa
VEMF011 and Maddie
VJHP018, VJHP019, VJHP020 and VJHP021
Known For
Second Dominant Male of the Johnny 13



Danny(VEMM012) was born in the Embers on August 13, 2009. His mother was Sam and his father was Santa. His litter-mates were his two sisters, Maddie(VEMF013) and VEMF011. His mother was over thrown by Diana who became the new dominant female. Sadly his sister was predated a few months later. Danny and Maddie survived to adulthood. Danny went roving with his younger half brother Peter. They joined a wild group that was named the Johnny 13 Mob.

Johnny 13Edit

Wild female Kitty became the domiannt female who was later radio collared. Danny and Peter competed for the right to be the dominant male. Than a wild rover named Johnny joined the group and easilly won dominance over the other males. Kitty gave birth on October 22, 2010 to Mickey, Lady Day, Bindi and Kite. Danny got in a fight with Johnny and this time he managed to over throw him and became the new dominant male. Kitty gave birth to Tyler, Caylee, Mabelle and Copper pups on March 12, 2011. They were Danny's first litter in the Johnny 13. In November 2011 Danny lost dominance to Peter.

Links Embers Mob

Johnny 13 Mob

Kitty Johnny 13


Mother: Sam

Father: Santa

Sisters: VEMF011 and Maddie

Mate: Kitty

Children: VJHP018, VJHP019, VJHP020 and VJHP021.

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