Danielle Umbra

Danielle Umbra

Date of Birth
May 28, 2009
Crystal and Spectra
Blade and Drake
Known For
Brianna's mother


Danielle(VUBF008) was born on May 28, 2009 in the Umbra Mob. Her mother was the dominant female Crystal and her father was the dominant male Spectra. She was born with two litter-mate brothers named Blade(VUBM007) and Drake(VUBM009). The three pups survived to adulthood and started helping out aroud the mob. Danielle started to help with babysitting while her brothers started to rove. Danielle was always an aggresive meerkat even when she was a pup. She started to asert dominance over her older sisters Wolfgirl and Silver. However Wolfgirl easilly put Danielle in her place and Silver ignored her. Cyrstal started to evicted Danielle from the group but she managed to rejoin the group. In November 2010 Danielle was evicted along with Wolfgirl and Silver. The theee females met up with five rovers from the Raptors.


The males stayed with the females and formed the Werewolves Mob. The eldest of the males Tyron became the domiant male while the females competed for dominance. Wolfgirl was older and she took the dominant female positon after ousting Silver and then Danielle. All three females were pregnant. Silver gave birth to a litter in Janaury 2011. Wolfgirl was the next to give birth but she lost her litter to pregnant Danielle, however Danielle was evicted and forced to abort her litter in order to return. In April, Wolfgirl was pregnant agian and evicted the younger Danielle without evicting Silver, even though she was older and produced a litter. In September both Wolfgirl and Danielle were pregnant. Woflgirl however aborted her litter while Danielle gave birth on October 16, 2011 to Brianna, Alex, Davis and VWWM011. Sadly when the pups started foraging, VWWP014 was seperated from the group and predated by an eagel owl on November 11, 2011. The rest of the litter survived. Danielle mated with a rover in May 2012 but aborted her litter in the following month. In Augsut 2012, Silver disappeared making Danielle the eldest subordinate female. If anything happened to Wolfgirl, she would be most likely to take dominance. However Danielle was evicted and predated by a gosehawk on October 27, 2012. She had lived in the Werewolves for two years before she was died.


Umbra Mob

Werewolves Mob