Dani Johnny 13

Dani Johnny 13

Yes of the Nightshade
Date of Birth
First Seen October 9, 2010
First Seen with Kitty, Misty, Mary Pat, Kat and Grace
Tina, Bright, Adam, Eve...etc..etc...
Known For
The First Dominant Female of the Nightshade


Johnny 13 MobEdit

Dani(VJHF003) was one of the founders of the Johnny 13 and was First Seen on October 10, 2010. There were only eight wild meerkats in theis group and two rovers from the Embers Mob.Dani was not the dominant female but a female named Kitty. A wild rover named Johnny joined the group and became the dominant male. Dani stood there until she mated with a roving male named Lance. When she gave birth to her litter Kitty killed her pups and evicted her from the group. Dani follows the group for days hoping to rejoin the group but Kitty chased her away again. She was allowed back into the group but she than got evicted again.This time it was for good.She was now without a group to join.If she tried to join the Embers she would be chased back into Johnny 13's range.If she tried to join the Johnny 13 again she would be chased off. She was without the warmth and comfort of the group. Her only hope was forming her own group which she did.

Nightshade MobEdit

Another Johnny 13 female named Kat was evicted and she teamed up with Dani. The females were soon joined by two Kool Kats and two Embers rovers. They stayed to gether and formed the Nightshade. Dani wasn't able to take dominance easily. Kat also had her eye on being top kat also. Spots a rover from the Kool Kats became dominant male of the group. Dani finally became the dominant female of the group after beating Kat.On January 5,2011 Dani gave birth to Tina, Bright, Adam and Eve. In at the end of May the group had an encounter with the Johnny 13 Dani is still the dominant female today.


Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Sisters: First seen with Kitty, Misty, Mary Pat, Kat and Grace

Mate: Spots


First Litter born on January 5,2011 fathered by Spots

Tina (VNHF001)

Bright (VNHF002)

Adam (VNHM003)

Eve (VNHF004)

Second litter born on December 21, 2011 fathered by Spots




Johnny 13 Mob

Nightshade Mob

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