Dali(VAZM005) was born in the Aztecs mob on August 17, 2008. His mother was Monkulus and his father was Bruce. He had three litter-mates and they were his sister Mimi(VAZF007) and two brothers Darwin(VAZM006) and Moliere(VAZM008). He and his litter-mates survived to adulthood. Monkulus gave birth to Chaka, Lola and Porteus some time later. She has been the only one to produce litters in the group. She later evicted Flo, Billy, Bananas, Squig and Burdock from the group. Only Squig and Burdock rejoined the group. Dali started babsiting his mother's pups. He became an Aztecs rover and often goes roving with his brothers and uncle Alonzo Mourning. In 2010 most of the oldest males left the mob, including Darwin. Dali and Moliere became the oldest males still in the group. For a few months there was no dominant male. Dali conitued to rove so eventually Moliere became the new dominant male. Dali remained in the Aztecs as a subordinate male, however he seemed contend with roving. In june 2012, Dalie finally left the Aztecs for good along with two of his younger brothers Chaka and Cameron.


The three Aztec rovers soon came across the Nequoia Mob. The Nequoia were in need of new males so Dali and his two brothers settled into the Nequoia. The males competed for dominance, Dali was older and stronger so he established dominance over his two brothers. Dali is still alive today in the Nequoia.


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