Daisy(VWF043) was born in the Whiskers group November 22, 2001. Her mother was Vialli and her father was Zaphod. Her litter-mates were four sisters Itchy(VWF039), Scratchy(VWF040), Thlema(VWF041) and Louise(VWF042) and two brothers Big Will(VWM038) and Tazran(VWM044). A total of seven pups in all. Three months after she was born she lost her mother Vialli. Her aunt Flower won dominance of the Whiskers beside Zaphod. The whole litter survived to adulthood. Daisy and her litter made it to two years old. They babysat Flower and Zaphod’s pups, their half siblings and cousins. Tarzan went roving and was attacked by the Young Ones but survived. Daisy and her sisters lost their litters. Daisy was evicted by Flower along with her sister Scratchy, Itchy, Thelma and Louise. They all formed the Minions. She later formed the Tattoo.


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Tattoo Mob

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