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Dafila(VKUF074) was born on January 2014 in the Kung Fu.  Her mother was either VKUF069 or Cronenberg and her father was unknown. Her litter-mates were VKUM070, Odysseus (VKUM71), VKUM072, VKUM073, VKUP075, Tramboline(VKUF076) and VKUF077. VKF069 was the dominant female at the time, however she was overthrown by Cronenberg who gave birth to a new litter of four pups in May. Dafila was around four months old and could fend for herself. She couldn't help out much with the new pups however. In June there was a group split with most of the Kung Fu members. The splinter group members included VKUF069 and the Van Helsing males, Dafila,Odysseus, VKUM072, VKUM73, Tramboline and VKUF075 and one of Cronenberg's pups VKUM78. The splinter group established themselves as a new mob. 


Kung Fu Mob

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