These are the meerkat groups known as Mobs of the South Africa Meerkat Project.


These are diagrams showing the mobs of the South Africa Meerkat Project. These diagram are just for current updates, a new ones will be released if new information comes about. These are the current mobs being followed for Janaury 2011.

Meerkat Mobs for 2011
Mob Name ID Code Dominante Female Dominant Male Members
Aztecs AZ Squig W Kori JX 25
Baobab BB Zikomo BB None 19
Commandos CD Nikita CD Hannibal V 25
Drie Doring D Mist D Brambley F 24
Elveera E Srawny E Alonzo Mourning W 25
Frisky F Crochet F Falco F 26
Gremlins GR Gretta GR Eliot KU 23
Hoppla HP Verda HP J. Alfred Prufrock L 16
JaXX JX Diana L Finn MacCool D 18
Kung Fu KU Pai Mei KU Bauer KU 22
Lazuli L Caroline L Rufus W 30
Moomins MM Eureka MM Mumbulu BB 18
Nequoia NE Nicky NE Titan VH 28
Rascals RR Paris PT Howie D PT 13
Sequoia SQ Benzedrine CD Bruce CB 22
Toyota TY Morgs TY Paymister TY 22
Urukhai UK Kingo BB Mikey MM 16
Van Helsing VH Emma VH Grigio RR 20
Whiskers W Oriole W Whitson MM 24
Young Ones Y Scrutney Gippo Y Allegro F 24
Zappa ZZ Katesa ZZ Thumbnail ZZ 16

Some groups are not available to earthwatcher visits for various reason. Groups that contant un-habictuated wild meerkats, showing signs of disease or are very new are not avaiable for visits.

Meerkat Visits
Mob Name Earthwatch Reason
Aztecs Yes Well Habictuated
Baobab No Not Fully Habictuated
Commandos Yes Tolerates humans
Drie Doring Yes Very well
Elveera Yes Free of disease
Frisky Yes Tolerates humans
Gremlins No Still mostly wild
Hoppla No Not fully
JaXX Yes Fully habictuated
Kung Fu Yes Fully habictuated
Lazuli Yes Fully habictuated
Moomins No

Baobab males

Nequoia No Under going habictuation
Rascals No Re-habictuations
Sequoia No Not fully habictuated
Toyota No Not fully habictuated
Urukhia No Too new
Van Helsing Yes Tolerates humans
Whiskers No Well habictuated
Young Ones Yes Tolerates humans
Zappa No Re-habictuation
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