Crystal Sagittarius


Yes of the Umbra Mob
Date of Birth
July 18, 2006
Gemini and Hydron
Starfire, Vex, Davis and Beast Boy
Known For
Dominant Female of the Umbra


Crystal(VSGF012) was born on July 18, 2006 in the Sagittarius Mob. Her mother was Gemini and her father was Hydron. Her litter-mates were her one sister Starfire(VSGF013) and three brothers Vex(VSGM010), Davis(VSGM011) and Beast Boy(VSGM014). She was born in a large litter fo five pups. All five pups survived their first few weeks and sttared foraging with the adults. Sagittarius mob was a farely good size group so the pups had a good chance at surviving. Being the daughter of the dominant female also helped. On October 25, 2006 her mother gave birth to a new litter of pups. By then Crystal was old enough to care for herself. All the pups in the new litter survived as well. Crystal made it to her first birthday. However not too long after that she was seperated from the group.


Crystal met up with three Vexos males and formed the Umbra Mob. The eldest of the males named Spectra became the dominant male. Crystal established herself as the dominant female. On April 25, 2008, she gave birth to Wolfgirl, Skawo, Dallas and Jasper. They were her first litter ever! Despite the small size of the mob, all four pups survived their first few months. On September 23, 2008 Crystal gave birth to Wolf and Silver. Both pups survived. On Janaury 2009, Crystal gave birth to Blade, Danielle and Drake. The group had been in existance for a little over a year. By then her firstlitter were a year old and started helping out with the new pups when Crystal gave birth to her next litter. On May 28, 2009 Crystal gave birth to Yayoi, Lysie, Gerald, Marduk and Klienn. All five pups survived. Her next litter come on September 27, 2009 when she gave birth to Genesis, Rengoku, DIO and Yuri. On Janaury 12, 2010, Crystal gave birth to Protheus, Chryslar and Jules. Crystal agve birth to VUBM022, VUBF023, VUBM024 and VUBM025 on June 18, 2010. On November 7, 2010 Crystal gave birth to VUBP026, VUBP027, VUBP028 and VUBP029. Crystla had been the dominant female for three years by then. Crystal is still the dominant female of the Umbra Mob today.


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Umbra Mob

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