The Crystal Mob.png
Lotis Ingalls.png
Lotus as dominant female of the Crystal Mob
Butcher Crystal.png
Butcher Crystal (the dominant male)

The Crystal Mob was a mob formed in 2011 by three evicted Ingalls Mob females (Lotus, Paisley, and Pixie) and two males, Butcher (an old male with only one eye) and Grinder. Later DNA testing proved that Grinder was Butcher's son. Lotus took the position as dominant female. Butcher took his position as the dominant male. The new mob would soon become a formidable force fighting off the Topaz Mob and chasing them out of half of their territory as well as stealing half of the territory belonging to the Ingalls. Lotus took her position very seriously and during her first pregnancy evicted her sister Paisley who would be predated a couple weeks afterwards. Lotus then allowed Pixie to stay but only for a year before she also evicted her, she was soon afterwards hit by a car. Lotus was the dominant female from 2011 to 2013 but sadly past away due to TB but her mob is still going strong and is one of the most unstoppable mobs in the area. It is currently lead by her daughter Blackheart. Her luck in breeding however has not been too good, her father Butcher and her brothers are always chasing off roving males and they've even killed rovers who have tried to reach her. However she has managed to get pregnant three times since her reign began (once by Apple Topaz, once by Acorn Topaz, and then an unknown male). The group is now at 33 members. And it's enemies are the Topaz Mob, Bikini Bottom Mob, and the Ingalls Mob.

Blackheart Crystal .png
Blackheart, the current dominant female of the Crystal Mob


Dominant Female: Blackheart (VCSF001)

Dominant Male: Butcher (VCSM001)

Grinder (VCSM002)

Blackdiamond (VCSF002)

Blackclub (VCSM003)

Blackspade (VCSM004)

Serapis (VCSM005)

Crius (VCSM006)

Anticlea (VCSF003)

Antichrist (VCSM007)

Babylonia (VCSF004)

Ithaca (VCSM008)

Jamie (VCSM009)

Aglaea (VCSF005)

Yeast Infection (VCSF006)

Cancer (VCSF007)

Hematuria (VCSM010)

Peyronie (VCSM011)

Brutus (VCSM012)

Bruce (VCSM013)

Leslie (VCSF008)

Pain Taster (VCSF009)

Ayy Papi (VCSM014)

Vicious Mobster (VCSM015)

Nasty Conflict (VCSM016)

Vixen (VCSF010)

Rarity (VCSF011)

Applebomber (VCSM017)

Hope (VCSF012)

Floatzel (VCSM018)

Mild Annoyance (VCSF013)

Major Annoyance (VCSM019)

Split Cut (VCSM020)

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