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Coron(VTPF003) was born in the Thermopylae Mob on November 17, 2007. Her mother was Runo and her father was Padloper. Her litter-mates were Artemis(VTPM001), Gorgo(VTPF002) and Vladimir(VTPM004). She was born in the first litter of the Thermopylae ever. All four pups survived to adulthood and started help[ing out around the mob. Coron started babysitting and started attacting males to the group. She aslo started to be evicted from the group with her sister and aunts. Sadly her mother died and her older aunt Julie became the new dominant female. Coron's two aunt disappearted making her and her sister the oldest females under Julie. In August Coron's father Padloper died and Artemis became the dominant male. In Decemer 2009, Julie died and the dominant female position became open. Both Coron and Gorgo were the same age and evenly matched and both competed for the dominant frmale position. Gorgo beat Coron into submission and became the dominant female. Coron went back to life as a subordinate female. Coron is still in the Thermopylae today.


Thermopylae Mob

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