The Corolla ( CR) was formed in 2007 with a group of evicted Vikings females and roving Yoga males.

Dominant pair Edit

The three Vikings females were Flour, Flaire and Vanilla( all evicted daughters of Eskimoe). The males from the Yoga mob were Carravagio VYGM032, Kashane VYGM042 and Druper VYGM045. Flour and Carravagio established themselves dominants without difficulty. Flour held on to her position, though Carravagio was challenged by Kashane. Kashane lost, nxt Druper challenged him for dominace, but he too lost. Caravagio managed to stay dominant male without difficulty. The current dominant pair are Flour the Dominant Female( radio collar fitted) and Carravagio as Dominant male.

History Edit

  • Dominant female Flour gave birth to her very first litter in the Corolla group, there were four pups, Juka VCRM001, Jake VCRM002, Chintin VCRF003 and Hogarth VCRF004. All fathered by dominant male Carravagio
  • All the pups survive
  • The group expand from 6 to 10 meerkat members
  • Flour is pregnant again, so are her two sisters
  • Vanilla aborts her litter after Flour attacked her perfusely
  • Flaire gives birth to three pups, but dominant female Flour kills all of them
  • Flour has her litter of five pups, Kalibell VCRF005, Ash VCRM006, Dash VCRM007, Tutesy VCRF008 and Muffin VCRF009.
  • The Corolla dispatch a smaller group, the Gattaca.
  • Flour is pregnant again
  • The Corolla are going great
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