Cicatriz Wildkats
Yes of the Explorers
Date of Birth
Janaury 2006
VEXM001, VEXM002, VEXF003 and VEXF004
Known For
First Dominant Male of the Explorers


Cicatriz(VWKM004) was First Seen in the Wildkats in Janaury 2006. His origins were unknown since the Wildkats were a wild mob that was collared and followed in early 2006. Cicatriz was already an adult but he was not the dominant male. The dominant couple were Vaca an Mancar. Cicatriz help with babysitting and sentry duties and went roving with the other adult males. Several males and females left the group in 2008 but Cicatriz remained and became the oldest male under Mancar. His relationship with Mancar was unknown, if he was a brother or a son, but due to appearance and size, Cicatriz was the second oldest of the males. Vaca died in early 2009 and her daughter Cebra became the new dominant female. In May 2009, Cicatriz went roving with Mono, Tener and Pajaro, younger males fathered by Mancar. The males did not return and left the group for good.


The rovers came across some evicted females and established the Explorers Mob. Cicatriz being the biggest and strongest of the males, easily became the dominant male. One of the oldest females named Tasha assumed the role of dominant female and became Cicatriz's mate. On October 28, 2009 she gave birth to VEXM001, VEXM02, VEXF003 and VEXF004. Cicatriz is still the dominant male of the Explorers today.


Wildkats Mob

Explorers Mob

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