The Chuckle Bros Mob was formed in May 2008 by a group of roving males. It is not actually a mob but rather refered to as a collection of roving males which have not yet dispersed to any of the other established groups or whose natal group is unknown but still being observed at regular basis. The other reason why it is not called a true meerkat group is because it has no females in it and therefore there is no breeding taking place. According to the KMP for a mob to be fully habituated and established it must have a dominant female. This is because meerkats live in mostly a matriarchal society where the females have the most sugnificance to a group, and its jnormally the dominant female who leads the group, the male normally contributes to his dominant role by taking on sentry duties and protecting the group from other neighbouring mob. The Chuckle Bros has no females in it but only an all male group so there is no breeding taking place but the group is considered a mob because it is being observed at regular basis. The group started of with a wild male named Bruce. He appeared in the population in May 2008 is natal group is unknown nor does he have any attachments to any of the other groups. Itrs not known if he became the dominant male but he left the group and joined another group named Sequoia Mob and became the dominant male. None of the original Chuckle Bros meerkats had codes but after Bruce joined Sequoia, his code became VCBM001.

Current MembersEdit

Rhogan Josh (VWM116)

All Known MembersEdit

Bruce (VCBM001) Dominant Male of the Sequoia

Homestar Runner (VYM130) Dominant Male of the Young Ones

Philippe (VYM129) Dominant Male of the Iguana (Deceased)

Ash (VEM108) Dominant Male of the Quetzals

Gijima (VEM118) Living in the Quetzals

Mr. Scruff (VEM122) Living in the Quetzals

Monsoon Moon (VJXM003) Last Seen

Rhogan Josh (VWM116) Still Roving

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