Chole Van Helsing


Date of Birth
January 15, 2008
Bananas and Michelangelo
Juani, Tortilla and Hocku-Tu
Tyrone, Amber, Heleconia and Ranger
Known For
Quetzals founder

Van Helsing[edit | edit source]

Chole was born on January 15, 2008. Her mother was Bannas and her father was Michelangelo. Her litter-mates were Juani, Tortilla and Hoki-Tu. Sometime in the early spring Bannas disappeared. Juani was the only one of them to become pregnant but aborted her litter. Chole was evicted with her aunt Flo and litter-mates Juani and Tortilla and cousin Troy were all evicted. All females disappeared in December 2009.

Quetzals[edit | edit source]

The females then reappeared with three Elveera males. The new group was discovered when they had a group encouter with the Sequioa. The new mob was called the Quetzals. The males were Ash, Gijima and Mr. Scruff Flo and Ash took up dominance of the enw group. It is believed Chole killed Flo's litter to safe gaurd her own. She gave birth to the first litter of pupson Jaunary 16, 2010 a few days after the group was formed. The pups were Tyrone, Amber, Heleconia and Ranger. The father was Gijima. Chole is still in the Quetzals today and her pups are still alive.

Family[edit | edit source]

Mother: Bananas

Father: Michelangelo

Brother: Hocku-Tu

Sisters: Juani and Torilla

Mate: Gijima

Children: Tyrone, Amber, Heleconia and Ranger

Links[edit | edit source]

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