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Cheetra Kool Kats

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Wild and Kool Kats Mob
Yes of the Kool Kats
Date of Birth
January 1, 2009 ( First Seen)
Loreeta, Lighten and Thunder???
Vince and Pumplemouse
Archie, Jeckyl, Cat Man, Cat Girl, Super Cat, Fat Cat, Mad Cat, Kitten, Cat, Tiger, Whiskers, Zaphod, Bobbie, Bubble, Simba, Scar, Angel and Frog
Known For
First dominant female of the Kool Kats


Cheetra(VKKF001) was born in a wild mob. Her mother and father may have been the dominant pair of the wild mob. Or hher mother may have been a subordinate female and her father may have been a rover. He rlitter-mates remain unknown. She survived to adulthood and started to be evicted by the dominant female. After three years old she was believed to have split from the wild group with one other adult female and three males.

Kool Kats[]

This small group of five animals was followed and named the Kool Kats. Cheetra was believed to be aroudn three years old and she quickly took up dominance fo the small group along with Mr. Jack believed to be her younger brother, cousin or nephew. Amari was all ready pregnant and gave birth to Lady, Big Mac and Doudle Stack on Janaury 16, 2009. Cheetra got pregnant and gave birth to Archie and Jeckyl, her first children on April 12, 2010. They group also adpoted a Warthog female pup named Boots. In May 2009, four males from the JaXX joined the group and kicke dout Mr. Jack, Spots and Pups, young Doudle Stack followed them. They formed the Lions Mob. The oldest male named Vince became the dominant male beside Cheetra. She gave birth to Cat Man, Cat Girl, Super Cat, Mad Cat and Fat Cat on Jluy 18, 2009. All five pups surpved to adulthood. The subordinate female Amari mated with a rover and gave birth to Zulu and Bob August 12, 2009. The other JaXX maled left the group in October 2009. Cheetra gave birth to Cat, Kitten and Tiger on December 16, 2009. Cheetra gave birth to four pups on May 2010. Then Cheetra gave birth to three pups in September 2010. In October a snake had taken shelther in the burrow after a rain storm. Vince confronted the snake while Cheetra and the other females moved the pups. Vince was bitten by the snake in the face. He survived and managed to make it to a boolt hole where he died within a few hours on October 19, 2010. Cheetra was left without a mate. None of the natal males assumed male dominance beside her. Big Mack, Jeckyl and Super Cat formed the Giraffe Mob. In Decmber 2010, Cheetra evicted Lady, Boots, Mad Cat and Fat Cat who left the group and formed the Dragons. For three months the Kool Kats was led by only a dominant female. Archie was the oldest male still in the group but he took to roving with the eldest males. The in February 2010 while the males were roving, a Puff Adder male named Pumplemouse joined the group and became the new dominant male. Cheetra is stil the dominant female of the Kool Kats today.


Kool Kats Mob

Vince JaXX