Chaka(VAZM010) was born on November 2008 in the Aztecs. His mother was Monkulus and his father was an unknown male. He was born with two sister named Lola(VAZF009) and Proteus(VAZF011). The Aztecs were a small group with few adults but the pups managed to beat the odds and survived through their first year. At a year of age, Chaka started to help out around the mob. He soon started to rove with the older males of the group. Chaka stayed in the Aztecs for three years before he finally left along with his brother Dali and Cameron.


The three rovers came across another group that was in need of new males, the Nequoia. The Aztec males settled into the group and competed for dominance. Dali was older and won dominance over Chaka and Cameron. Soon Chaka started to rove again but stayed in the Nequoia. Chaka is still alive today in the Nequoia.


Aztecs Mob

Nequoia Mob

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