The Celcius Mob was founded in August 2002 by 9 wild females and 5 wild males

Dominant Pair

A wild female named Flame Princess and a wild male named Finn The Human became the dominant pair. But shortly after establishing dominance Flame Princess was overthrown by Breakfast Princess.


The Celcius Mob had 14 Members as of August 2002

Breakfast Princess (ZCF006)Dominant Female

Finn-The Human (ZCM003) Dominant Male

Lisa (ZCF001)

Jake (ZCM002)

Flame Princess (ZCF004)

Ice King (ZCM005)

Doctor Princess (ZCF007)

Magic Man (ZCM008)

Glob (ZCM009)

Hot Dog Princess (ZCF010)

Huntress Wizard (ZCF011)

Wildberry Princess (ZCF012)

Muscle Princess (ZCF013)

Marceline (ZCF014)

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