Cazanna(VLF046) was born on November 2, 1999 in the Lazuli Mob. Her mother was Ziziphus and her father was Belgarion. Her litter-mates were Hathor(VLF047), Buto(VLM048), Haslam(VLF049), Cougar(VLM050) and Horus(VLM051). Cazanna survived to adulthood and started taking a more active role in the mob around a year of age. Her brothers started to rove while Cazanna stayed home to help out with the pups and she started to become evicted every now and then. In 2000, disease took both Ziziphus and Belgarion and Cazanna's litter-mate sister Halsam became the new dominant female. Her brothers soon left the group in search of unrelated females and Hathor was evicted and left the mob making Cazanna's Haslam's closest rival. Two Elveera males joined the group, Raul became the dominant male. Then a month later in August 2001, a group of Vivian rovers joined the grop and kicked otu Raul and Cuthbert the other Elveera male. That same month Cazanna challanged Haslam for dominance and won. Cazanna became the new dominant female and evicted Haslam and her younger sister Bukem. They teamed up with Raul and Cuthbert to form the Tottenham Mob. The oldest of the Vivian males named Basil became the new dominant male beside Cazanna. In 2001, Cazanna was unable to produce a litter while her younger sister gave birth. It wasn't untill 2002 when Cazanna got pregnant and gave birth on March 13, 2002 to four pups. Cazanna and Basil soon started to raise more successful litters one after another. A year after taking dominance the mob was mostly made up of Cazanna's children. One of her eldest sons named Osprey left the mob to became the dominant male of the Drie Doring. Her long-term mate Basil sadly died in July 2005 from disease and her eldest son JD became the natal-dominant male by her sister. Cazanna was pregnant with Basil's last litter and gave birth to two pups in August. With no none related male by her side, Cazanna had to start mating with rovers to keep the Lazuli's numbers up. She became pregnant after mating with a rover named Yossarian and gave birth to two pups named Gin and Tonic in December 2005. This was her last litter ever. Her daughters started to have litters helping to keep the Lazuli in good numbers. Soon JD and several other males started to leave the group and Padloper, Cazanna's son, became the newxt dominant male of the Lazuli. Cazanna could not produce a successful litter for the next year and finally succumbed to TB on December 18, 2006. Her daughter Aretha became the new dominant female after her.


Lazuli Mob