Cassidy Cerulean

Cassidy Cerulean

Date of Birth
January 13, 2002
Pinkie and Dopey
VCRP003, VCRP005 and VCRF006
Known For
Only survivor of his litter

Cassidy(VCRM004) was born on Janaury 13, 2002 in the Cerulean Mob. His mother was Pinkie and his father was Dopey. His litter-mates were VCRF003, VCRF005 and VCRP006. His aunt Violet also gave birth to VCRP001 and VCRP002. His mother was not the dominant female but his aunt Calico and his father was not the dominant male but his uncle Doc. His mother had killed Calico's litter before he was born. Sadly the next month VCRP002 was killed by the Wildkats during a burrow raid. Cassidy was dug out of the birth burrow by one of the adult Wildkat but lucky for him his family came back and were able to save him. He was scare for life from then on. He managed to survive and started foraging with the adults. His litter-mate VCRP006 was predated on March 17, 2002. On April 15, 2002 his aunt Calico gave birth to Ryan, VCRP008, Moth and Stem. VCRP001 was killed by a wild group on April 21, 2002. In an group encounter with the Wildkats VCRP008 was killed. His sister VCRF005 was killed by a hawk on June 25, 2002. Then VCRF003 was predated on July 11, 2002. By then he was the last of his litter. Calico gave birth to VCRP011, Leena, Laura and Pan on August 16, 2002 but VCRP011 was killed later on. Calico evicted his mother Pinkie and aunt Violet and gave birth to Hands, Kitty and Butterfly on November 22, 2002.They disappeared and left the group. On May 25, 2003 Calico gave birth to VCRM019, Elizabeth, Kanti and Alain.Cassidy was now old enough t babysit, take sentry and go roving. He went roving for the first time in July 2003 with his father Dopey. In September he went roving again with his father and cousin Ryan. Then on December 27, 2003 Calico gave birth to three pups. Cassidy is still in the Cerulean today.


Mother: Pinkie

Father: Dopey

Litter-Mates: VCRF003, VCRF005 and VCRP006


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