lCaroline was born on October 17,2007. Her mother is Young. Her litter-mates were Teaser,Shaka Zulu,Bernard and Flax. Within the same month, the dominant female Aretha died from disease and Young took dominant female position. Young gave birth to Landie,Lallie and VLZP157, who disappeared. After an immigration of 5 Whiskers males, Wollow(Whiskers male) claimed dominant male position. Young gave birth in January to 3 pups and then in March gave birth to 4 pups, who all survived. 5 pups in April by Young. Then in May Caroline was pregnant and so was her mother Young. Caroline gave birth to a litter in June but the litter was killed by Young, who gave birth to gave birth to 6 pups. HP disappeared in July. By November both Caroline and her younger sister Landie were pregnant but bothy aborted in November, the same month and Young gave birth to a litter of 4 pups that same month. In January her brother Teaser left the group with Axel(from Whiskers, one of the 5 males from Whiskers to join Lazuli). Caroline aborted her litter in March , Lallie was pregnant. Caroline mated again and was pregnant, gave birth to a mixed litter with Lallie of 5 pups: VLZP189,VLZP190,VLZP191,VLZP192 and VLZP193. Of the five pups, VLZP189,VLZP190 and VLZP191 were all predated in May. In September Christiana and Calvinia were pregnant and both aborted in October. Young and Caroline were pregnant. In November Caroline lost her litter and Young gave birth to 5 pups. Caroline became one of the oldest subordinate females in the group. Then in April 2010 her mother Young evicted Caroline and her two younger sisters Christiana and Calvinia, they were joined by Hoax male(named Bob-Riley) and Sequoia male(named Laurence) to form Griffin Mob. Caroline took dominant female position over her two younger sisters and Bob-Riley took male dominance. Within that same month, Caroline,Calvinia and Christiana were pregnant. Calvinia lost her litter. Caroline evicted Calvinia. Christiana gave birth to 6 pups. Caroline gave birth to 5 pups(Great Mr Hack,Hokkmuiden,Tepezcuite,Sauvigton and McGoter), her 5 pups survived. 15 members in the group within April, adding up by Caroline and Christoiana's pups of a total of 11 pups in the group. Calvinia rejoined the group and in gave birth to 4 pups. Caroline is still dominant female of Griffin mob.

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