Calvinia Lazuli


Yes of the Yankees
Date of Birth
January 4, 2008
Young and Homestar Runner
Christiana, Prieska and Lutzputz
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Yankees


Calvinia(VLF133) was born in the Lazuli on January 4, 2008. Her mother was Young and her father was a rover named Homestar Runner. She had three litter-mates, Christiana, Prieska and Lutzputz. When Calvinia was 5 months old, Aretha dominant female of the Lazuli died. Her mother Young took dominances. A month later, 5 Whiskers males took join the group. where Wollow took dominances next to Young. Calvinia and her litter all survive to adulthood. In June both Calvinia and Christiana both mated, and both became pregnant. But they were miscarried. Calvinia quickly became pregnant again in August. In September Calvinia lost her first litter and Young gave birth. Then in October Axel, Prieska and Lutzputz all left the group and team up with a Toyota female named Stop It. In November Calvinia was evicted along with Christiana and three of her younger sisters. In December her sister Christiana lost her litter and Calvinia became pregnant again along with Young and Hen. Her and her litter-mate sister lost her litters when Young and Hen gave birth to a mixed litter. Young evicted her with Muck, Hen, and Toppen in December 2009. The females reappeared in January with five Whiskers males. they formed a new group called Yankees.


Calvinia took female dominance being the oldest female in the group. Rozza took male dominance and became her mate. On March 16, 2010 Calvinia gave birth to Yojo(VYKM001), Yoyo(VYKM002), Yogurt(VYKF003) and Yona(VYKF004). They were her fist litter as well as Rozza and the first born in the Yankees. Hen also gave birth in June and in July Calviania was pregnant agian. Calviania and Rozza are still the dominant pair today.


Mother: Young

Father: Homestar Runner

Sister: Christiana

Brothers: Prieska and Lutzputz

Mate: Rozza

Children: Yojo, Yoyo, Yogurt and Yona


Lazuli Mob

Yankees Mob

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