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CSA Hunters was born on November 3-7, 2000 with her littermates Kimberly, Danielle and Georgia. The pups were attacked by a rival group called Ashantis when they were three weeks old and survivied to go on their first foraging mission. Georgia was sadly predated after a burrow move in which she was abandoned. CSA, Kimberly and Danielle all survived to adulthood. When their mother Pansy was overthrown by her daughter Sylvia and when her father Hooligan left, the Hunters welcomed three wild males named Crush, Emilio and Buckshot.

One year after the males joined the Hunters, CSA mated with Crush and became pregnant, just like her two littermates. They were evicted by Sylvia a few weeks before giving birth. CSA aborted her pups and her two sisters had theirs but the pups were killed in a burrow raid led by Sylvia. Shortly afterwards, CSA was predated a few days before Kimberly and Danielle joined the Hunters. Kimberly later became the long-term Hunters dominate female and Danielle became the dominate female of a mob called Moons.