Butch Casidy(VWM098) was born on November 11, 2005 in the Whiskers. Hsi mother was Flower and his father was Zaphod. He was born in a litter of five with two sisters named Bananas(VWF097) and Sundance(VWF099) and two brothers named Alonzo Mourning(VWM100) and Orinoco(VWM101). All five pups survived their first few weeks and started foraging with the adults. There was a group split and most of the adult females mated with rovers. The Young Ones pup named Axel was adopted into the group. The two group rejoined and in Janaury Flower died, so Rocket Dog became the new dominant female. In March 2007 the Whiskers splinter group and formed the Aztecs. Zaphod left the group along with Logan, Ningaloo, Alonzo Mourning anf Orinoco. Butch Casidy remained in the Whiskers. In late 2007 he finally left the group.


Whiskers Mob

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