Buta Commandos
Date of Birth
August 18, 2008
Known For
Xerxes' founder


Buta(VCDM064) was born on August 18, 2008 in the feared Commandos Mob. His mother was Zorilla and his father was Zarathustra. He was born in the litter of litter of five. His litter-mates were his two sisters Dashti(VCDF062) and Saren(VCDF063) and his two brothers Khasar(VCDM062) and Tegus(VCDM065). They survived to adulthood. Khasar started to bit the other pups. He was aslway bitting erveryone and erverything. He picked on his younger siblings. He often stole food from them. After his mother and fatehr died, his older hald sister Celidh and and uncle Panthro became the dominant pair. In October 2009 Zorro, Ziggurat , Khasar, Buta and Tegus left the group to rove on August 9, 2009. On August 10, 2009 they picked upSophie a lost Pound Puppies pup. It was Ziggurat who found her and carried her back with the other males. For some reason Khasar suddenly wanted her so he took Sophie from Ziggurat.The males joined three females, two were Whiskers females and one was an unknown.


They stayed together and formed a new group called the Xerxes Mob. His older brother Zorro and unknown female Zula became the dominant pair. Zula gave birth to Zander, Zee and Zina on November 26, 2009. Khasar started takign after thier grandfather, makign burrow moves and atatcking the pups. Buta took his babysitting duties seriously. He was often on gaurd too and so far he spotted most of the dangers that treaten the group. Buta was one fo the males who carried the pups from the Zambia in a burrow move in mid 2010. Buta went roving some times but mostly stayed in the group unlike Zoo Zoo. In late 2010, Ziggurat and Zoo Zoo left the group and joined the Gladiators. Buta and Tegas went roing but returned to the group. Buta is still in the Xerxes today.


Mother: Zorilla

Father: Zarathustra

Sisters: Dashti and Saren

Brothers: Khasar and Tegus


Commandos Mob

Xerxes Mob

Khasar Commandos