This is the first story of the mob series. The details for this is on the page I sent a couple of days ago.

1. ProlougeEdit

"Your leaving?" Buster asked his littermate Suggs. His brother nodded.

"I've been invited along with Tina Sparkle to join the Hoax mob. Four wild  meerkats are in the group as well" he said. Buster felt a stab of betrayal from his brother, his best friend. "So when was this planned?!" Buster demanded. Suggs knew what he had done and tried to comfort him. "I'm sorry, this was just planned Yesterday. I was going to tell you but you were asleep. You can come with me" Suggs offered but Buster just furiously shook it off.

"I don't need your new group, the Hoax mob or something! I'll always be loyal to the whiskers! This is where Mother died and I'm staying with Father here" Buster shouted and ran into the tall grass. "Buster!" Suggs yelled, but was held by his father. "It's okay Suggs, make your group, I'll find Buster" Zaphod said. Suggs noded sadly and went with his cousin. He took one last look over his shoulder and disappeared into the horizon.

2. Why?Edit

Buster was sulking in the tall grass at the border of the territory. He stopped when he heard a voice, " Buster!" Zaphod yelled. "Father! I'm here!" he yelled. Zaphod came to him.

"What are you doing here at the edge of the territory?" he asked. Buster hung his head.

"I'm unleashing my sadness and anger. I feel sad that Suggs is gone, but I feel angry that he never told me" Buster told his father. "I see" Zaphod said. "Go to him."


"I said go to him" Zaphod said. "I think he's just as upset as you are."

"Really?" Buster asked. Zaphod nodded.

" You're young Buster. I'm old and I can't fix my mistakes as easy as I used to, but you can" Zaphod said. Buster nodded. He hugged him. "Thank you Father. I will never forget you."

"You better not!" Zaphod said jokingly. Buster laughed and went on his way. However, he thought he heard a voice on the wind, a voice like his now deceased mother. I'm proud of you my son.

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