Brock Flames


was First Seen on January 30, 2008 in a wild group called the Flames Mob. He was a wild meerkat who and joined another male and teamed up with four wild females to form this group. Brock was not the dominant male but Flame, whom the group was named after, along with Cookie as the dominant female. Brock roved a few times but mostly stayed within the group. In January 2009 the group split led by Brock and Paloma. When the group rejoined Brock was not ready to give up hsi new found status as a dominant male so he challanged Flame. In the end Brock came out on top and became the dominant male of the Flames. He didn't father and litters within the group because Cookie lost her litter to Shanna who had mated with a Kit Kat rover when the splinter group rejoined the main mob. Brock was over thrown within two months by Flame. Brock stayed in the group till late 2009 when he went roving with Even and Benny. They left the group for good.

Jat DogsEdit

The three rovers came across the smaller group called the Jat Dogs. The new group only had one adult female and four juveniles. With no adult males in the small group the three males easily joined the five remaining meerkats. Brock became the dominant male with Lily, the dominant female, as his mate. Lily gave birth on October 20, 2009 to VJDF005, VJDM006 and VJDM007. All three pups survived. Lily gave birth to VJDP008, VJDP009, VJDP010 and VJDP011 on January 10, 2010. Brock is still the dominant male of the Jat Dogs today.


Flames Mob

Jat Dogs Mob

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