Brisby was recorded to have been born on April 24, 2012, along with her littermates Cincia Blizzard and Samson Blizzard, to their parents Adella Blizzard and Oskar Blizzard to the Blizzard Mob. Brisby and her littermates grew up well in the group to their first year with the support of their caring and growing family. But, unfortunately, the Blizzard Mobs' successful first two years of being a group would come crashing down. When Brisby's mother, Adella, got killed by a puff adder in a battle to protect her pups, Brisby's father, Oskar, had no choice but to leave to pursue a new life. When he left, along with most of grown up sons, he left behind a smaller despret group of mostly youngsters. The now more vulnerable Blizzards would then face a battle with a fierce rival gang, which would make the remaining members scatter, including Brisby. While Brisby was on her own, she met a rover male, from an unknown group, called Frodo. It was true love for the pair, and they would become mates. The pair would then be joined by Frodo roving buddy and brother Ajax. The next day, to Brisby's joy, the little band of three would be joind by Brisby's sisters, Cincia and Piper, and her little brother and Adella's last pup McFly. Now, Brisby is the newest leader of the newly formed Blizzard Mob with Frodo at her side. 

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