Boots (VWHF013) was born in March 2009 into the Warthogs. Her mother was dominant female Loretta and her father was Kuzco the dominant male. Boots' littermates were Abby (VWHF011) and Katie (VWHF010) and one brother Dennis (VWM012). That same month Boots was seperated from the Warthogs and adopted into the Kool Kats.

Kool KatsEdit

Boots survived to adulthood in the new group and soon she was old enough to be evicted. Boots was evicted in December 2010 and helped formed the Dragons but rejoined the Kool Kats shortly after. She was then evicted two more times and rejoin the group. In May 2011 Boots was evicted with Cat Girl and Cat, they didn't rejoin the group this time.


Boots Warthogs

Boots the dominant female

The three females joined with five Frisky males and they stayed together to form the Honda Mob. The oldest male who was Willis took male dominance, but female dominance wasn't clear between Cat Girl and Boots, finally Boots made her adopted sister submit and is now the dominant female. Boots is quite a successful leader and has already had two litters of pups.
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