Bootle(VFF121) was born on February 21,2007 in Frisky Mob. Her mother was Frascati. Bootle was born with one sister Tange(VFF119) and one brother named Fable(VFM120). Frascati was dominant for two years until her death in 2006. Bootle took over as dominant female and a wild male named The Due joined the group and became her mate. After the wild male died a Drie Doring male named Gazebo established dominance at Bootle's side. Bootle gave birth to her first litter on September 10, 2006 to VFF132, Bunty, Hazel and VFF135. Bootle gave birth on December 8, 2007 to one male named Allegro and three females named Crochet, Quaver and Dolce. Bootle gave birth again on March 2, 2008 to VFM140, Spiderpig, Black Jack and VFF141. In April her little daughter VFF141 was killed and her son VFM140 was also killed in June. Then on August 18, 2008 Bootle gave birth to two males Phoenix and Zoltan and two females Athena and Savannah. In October three females Apple, Bunty and Hazel left the group and formed the Yoshies. Bootle gave birth on November 4, 2008 to four female pups Tepezcuintle, Kuna Yala, Pachamanca and VFF149. Bootle gave birth to named Merlot, Sauvignon, Shiraz, Muscat and one male named Cabernet. In August Bootle who is still dominant female is pregnant and gave birth on September 15, 2009 to Banter, Dinkster, Mofo and Willis. Bootle gave birth on December 3, 2009 to Fleury, Fedotenko, Malkin, Talbot and Gonchar. She appeared pregnant in January 2010 but aborted that litter in February, within the same month Bootle died. Her oldest daughter Quaver now leads Frisky Mob.


Frisky Mob

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