Boba Vivian

Boba Vivian(VVM080)

Vivian, Balrog
Birth Date
March 12,2001
Death Date
N/A still alive
Death Cause
N/A still alive
Known for
Dominant male of Balrog
When when first became dominant
Five years old

Boba(VVVM057) was from the Vivian group but joined Balrog in January 2005. The dominant female of the group was Mussolini who had recently taken dominance after Velvet died. In February Mussoloni gave birth to five pups,Bradley,Audrey,Africa Barbata,Widow Twanky. Then in March she gave birth to three pups, Twilight,Woody,Owlet. By late June Babbalina and Babbelas aborted. By early August both Mussolini and Babbelas are pregnant. Bebbelas lost her litter to Mussolini. Five males left the group. By April Hannibal, another of the Vivian males that joined Balrog along with Boba, left the group along with another male, Mbabane who was dominant male at some point and was deposed by Boba once he and his Vivian roving coalition joined Balrog. Balrog have been growing well with numbers and moved towards a new range leaving their old territory, probably now occupied by another group. In March 2010 Mussolini gave birth to five pups.

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