Blondie Rascals
Wild male
Date of Birth
November 19,2004
Date of Death
November 13,2009
Cause of Death
Known for
Dominant female of Rascals
Age when first became dominant
Three years old

Blondie was born in the Rascals on November 19,2004. Her mother was Yeca. Yeca is dominant female of the Rascals Mob from 2003 after Apagorse from the Vivian died. Blondie was born with two brothers, Harvey and Fool and one sister, Cutter. In November 2004 Kili was pregnant but lost her litter in December. Blondie was pregnant for the first time in June 2006 along with her sister Cutter and VRRF077. All lost their litters. Blondie became dominant female of the group in March 2007 after Yeca died from disease. Longterm dominant male of the group, Spofi also died. Blondie's brother Harvey took male dominance until he disappeared in June 2007 after he left the group folowing the immigration of wild males. One of the wild males, named Rocstar took dominance in the group. Blondie was pregnant. Her younger sister Islay was pregnant. Islay gave birth, Blondie killed her litter. She then gave birth to her first litter to Hoki,Tooey,Shelley and Kelve. By September she gave birth to She,Honey,Mab, and Brat. In October Blondie gave birth to Mulu,Shulu and Katulu. Within the same year of 2007 in December she gave birth to Cuddlemousse,Skipperpig and Springbokhair. Then in January 2008 she gave birth to Sancerre,Rioja,Skanks and Kimister. Her sister Islay gave birth to VRRM0127, Tigi,VRRP129. Only Tigi survived. In November 2009 her litter was VRRP154,VRRP155,VRRP156 and VRRP157. Blondie was predated in November 13,2009. Her daughter Sancerre took dominance after her.

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