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Meerkatwizard Meerkatwizard 15 February 2019

Temporary Leadership

As everyone knows our leader and my great friend Aniju Aura hasn't been on in some time. I am really worried about her as I am sure all of you are. So until her return I will be taking temporary leadership along with my co leader Meerkats123. Please come to us with any questions or concerns you may have. Please pray for her safe return to Meerkats Fanon Wiki. I miss her and I am sure all of you feel the same. Fear not she will be back on when she can. Please be patient with me as I am new with this role.

Your temporary leader Meerkatwizard

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Aniju Aura Aniju Aura 3 November 2014

Things To Remember

I need to have a reminder blog.

  • 1 Update
  • 2 New Mobs
  • 3 Maybe Adoption
  • 4 Psyko Info

Update first 2010 formed groups

Update Friends Meerkat Project groups, name some pups. 

Form a group with ZeRoBaSS, Goukisan, Eon and Wavery of Sioux and Coron, Miss Pinkie the Bloody Lamb, Nyan Cat, Scooby and Shaggy of Thermopylae in May 2010.

Form new group with She-Wolf, Candy Girl and Nikayla and Hello Kitty in October 2010. Find males. 

In December 2010 Pavo, Lobo and D'Artagnan left the Buccaneers group. Find females

In April 2011 Jebba, Osca, Spiriax, Rox and Midnight were evicted and left the Buccaneers group. Find males. 

In December 2012 Aerith, Tifa, Yuffie and Hope were evicted and left the Chocobo group. Find males

Find females and form a new group or have join…

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Denny60643 Denny60643 14 September 2013

Meerkat Diaries is Coming Back this November

Well, I decided that Meerkat Diaries would be coming back this October or November so you can enjoying my mobs doing their normal thing. Also you would be able to see how life would be with Peter as the new dominant male of the Johnny 13 Mob with Kitty, his first mate and the dominant female. Also you'll see more Embers and the Nightshade Mob. Also I'll be mentioning a new group in the show. So look foward the new Meerkat Diaries episodes in October.

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Aniju Aura Aniju Aura 9 January 2013

Hopeful Wishings

So my dog woke me up at 4 in the morning and I wasn't able to go back to sleep. Somehow my mind driffed off to meerkats and what I would like to happen or what I would do if I could make this happen. So I am going to write it all done because I know some of you would also like this too. I decided to put this here on the fanon site because this is all fictional.

  • 1 Meerkat Mobs
    • 1.1 Atzces
    • 1.2 Baobab
    • 1.3 Cave Men
    • 1.4 Drie Doring
    • 1.5 Ewoks
    • 1.6 Frisky
    • 1.7 Goodfellas
    • 1.8 JaXX
    • 1.9 Kung Fu
    • 1.10 Lazuli
    • 1.11 Mayans
    • 1.12 Nequoia
    • 1.13 Pandora
    • 1.14 Rascals
    • 1.15 Sequoia
    • 1.16 Toyota
    • 1.17 Van Helsing
    • 1.18 Üderkatz
    • 1.19 Whiskers
    • 1.20 Zulus
  • 2 Randon new group

So here's what I would like to happen in 2013.

Kathleen is rejoined by Moliere, Mr. Cat, Mr. Ellie, Jam, Aurora and Trinity, Moliere takes domina…

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Aniju Aura Aniju Aura 10 November 2012

Whiskers of Meerkat Manor 5

I figured I make a blog for the Whiskers seen in Meerkat Manor 5, a story I am reviving. Hopefully this will clear any questions about my version of the Whiskers.

As you may be able to tell the Whiskers on this fanon are following the actual events of the real Whiskers more or less. While my Whiskers kept Rocket Dog alive so things turned out differently. I think for each Meerkat Manor fifth seaosn version we can all make a blog explaining each person's version of the Whiskers, but please don't title you blog The Whiskers, add in the name of the Show your version relates to like Whiskers of the (named of you story.)That way people know which blog relates to which story.

So here are my meerkats

  • 1 The Whiskers Mob
  • 2 Meerkats
  • 3 Current Members
  • 4 Rivals…

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Sir Rock Sir Rock 9 November 2012

Commandos Kingdom Meerkats

This blog is for Meerkat Kingdom the show about the Commandos. It will list the meerkats and who plays who and what really happen behind the scenes. For the first season the Commandos are played by the Vivian.

Aniju and Meerkast123, you guys can leave you ideas in the comments and I'll edit this.

Nikita is the ruthless dominant female of the Commandos. She leads the group with an Iron Claw however she does have a softer side.

Hannibal is the One-Eyed dominant male of the Commandos and the mate of Nikita. He is one of the biggest, meanest meerkats around.

Ozzy is the Super sentry and always willing to lend a paw to those in need. He is a fiesty young male.

Rosie is Nikita's younger jealous sister. She wants Nikita's crown however the many rovers wh…

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Aniju Aura Aniju Aura 12 October 2012

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes is a blog for the various Meerkat Stories I am working on. Instead of making individual pages for each story I decided to make one blog covering all of them.

  • 1 Meerkat Kingdom
    • 1.1 List of meerkats in Meerkat Kingdom
  • 2 Meerkat Estate
    • 2.1 List of Meerkat in Estate Meerkats
  • 3 Dairy of the Meerkat

Meerkat Kingdom starts November 2005 and follows the Vivian till April 2007.

Main Cast of the Vivian Mob(Commandos)

Nikita [Dominant Female] played by Rhian

Hannibal [Dominant Male] played by Jim Bob

Ozzy [Super Sentry] Played by Douglas

Venus [Babysitter] Played by the oldest females

Grog [Rover] Played by the oldest males

Rosie [Nikita's jealous sister] Played by the oldest females

Other meerkats








Meerkat …

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Aniju Aura Aniju Aura 1 January 2012

Heart of the Mob

My Meerkat Life is a story following the mobs located on another planet form by Aniju Aura. The first mobs established were the Diggers, Starlings, Furries and Hermits and slowly other mobs grew from these four mobs.

Mob Name
Dominant Female
Dominant Male

Bandit B

Kat D
Meer D

Furry F
Harry H

Aster H
Daniel F



Tiny S
Selkirk D
Fluffy F
Minor M




Renegade H
Minky L
Starling Mob
Prairie Dog S
Buck S






Fang L
Zigiba F

Some mobs may bare names of some of my other mobs on the fanon, because I named them later. The Diggers were originall called the Frisky till I found out there w…

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Denny60643 Denny60643 1 August 2011

Should There Be a Season 2 of Meerkat Diaries

Well I got done with Meerkat Diaries season 1. Do you think there should be a season two or what ideas you have I could use for the 2nd season of Meerkat Diaries ? Please tell me what you think.

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Georgy23 Georgy23 2 June 2011


This is a blog about anything as long as it involves meerkats

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Meerkats123 Meerkats123 8 May 2011

Wolf Role Play Wiki

I have a new Wiki called Wolf Role Play Wiki If you like wolves please leave a comment and use the link to take a look

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Flower whiskers Flower whiskers 29 January 2011

What Is You're Favrite Meerkat Mob?

What is you're favorite meerkat mob?Is it the Whiskers,Jonhey 13,or the Kit Kats?

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Denny60643 Denny60643 22 December 2010

Favorite Meerkat Diaries Meerkats

Kitty The dominant female

Danny Kitty's Parnter

Kenny The Rover

Terri(played by Grace) The Kind One

Mary(Played by Mary Pat) The Helper

Sizzy(played by Peter) The Hero


Mickey is played by Mickey

Ash/Lady Day is played by Lady Day

Bindi is played by Bindi

Terri's pups

Patrica is played by Lesile

Big Ed is played by Kember

Kai is played by Karla

Gacy is played by Gacy

Maddie The Dominant Female

Johnny The Dominant Male and Maddie's Mate

Bubbles is played by Patty

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Meerkats123 Meerkats123 14 December 2010

New dominant female of the Kool Kats

I'm making plans for the Kool Kats. Who do you think the dominant female after Cheetra?

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Denny60643 Denny60643 12 December 2010

Who is your favorite dominant female

Who is your favorite dominant female ? Please think about it.

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Meerkats123 Meerkats123 3 December 2010

Favorite The Kool Kats of the Manor Meerkats

Kool Kats

Cheetra A fierce leader

Vince her pertner

Mr. Jack the outcast

Amari The kind mother

Pups The loving babysitter


Double Stack

Big Mac



Eagle Owl



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Sir Rock Sir Rock 3 December 2010

Favorite Meerkat Town Kats

I kinda ma goming to use thise ofr my actor list too. I love all of may meerkats and the actors and characters they play. My favorites are Cassidy, Butterfly, Ryan, Leena(Tanya), Pinkie and Bruce(Bashful). As I keep writing I probably will start liking other meerkats more too so I will add them in later.

These are the adults who are nnot seen in a litter or were born before or during the show but got a name change, if I will change them.

Clico is played by Calico

Doc is played by Doc

Duncan is played by Dopey

Bruce is played by Bashful

Violet is played by Violet

Pinkie is played by Pinkie

Cassidy is played by Cassidy

Ryan is played by Ryan

Tanya is played by Leena

Ursula is played by Laura

Pluto is played by Pan

Solomon is played by Stem

Murdock is played by Moth


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Denny60643 Denny60643 21 November 2010

Which Meerkats or pups you don't like

Which meerkats or meerkat pups you don't like.Please think about it.

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Denny60643 Denny60643 21 November 2010

Your Favorite Moments in Meerkat Diaries season 1

What was your favorite monents in Meerkat Diaries season 1.Mine is when Kat known as Jane helped Lady Day who played a pup named Ash.Please think of your favorite monent in Meerkat Diaries.

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Sir Rock Sir Rock 21 November 2010

Favorite Dominant Couples

Here are my favorite Dominant Couples.

  • 1 My Mobs
  • 2 Aniju's Mob
  • 3 Denny's Mobs
  • 4 Meerkat123
  • 5 Maskedowl2
  • 6 Real Mobs

Chocolatine + Aurinko = 1st dominant pair of the Bererk Mob.

Seraphis + Mephos = 2nd dominant pair of the Berserk.

Tasha + Black Ace = 2nd dominant pair of the Klingons

Flapper + Rex Rob = Dominant pair of the Raptors

Frill + George = Dominant pair of the Scavengers

Aurora + Rocksteady = 1st dominant pair of the Yahoo

Squiggy + Balboa = 1st dominant pair of the Terrans

Lola + Frank = 1st dominant pair of the Fritters

Crochet + Should = 1st dominant pair of the Rasmus

Pilko, Bean and Littl'um + Twister = 1st, 2nd and 3th dominant pair of the Untouchables

Echo + Shakespeare = 1st dominant pair of the Hobbits

Pancake + Warlock 1st dominant pair of the …

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Denny60643 Denny60643 21 November 2010

Your Favorite Rovers and Dominant Male

Who are your favorite dominant and roving male meerkats ?Please think about it.

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Denny60643 Denny60643 20 November 2010

Who Are Your Favorite Pups

Who are your favorite pups? Mine would have to be Kite.You could chose one that you made up also.Please think about it.

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Meerkats123 Meerkats123 14 November 2010

Meerkats who Could Possibly Form New Grouos

These meerkats are awaitibg their fate.




Renton MM

Halland MM

Rosie W

Kenny JH

Mr. Scruff E

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Aniju Aura Aniju Aura 14 November 2010

Favorite Meerkat Manor Fan-Fiction Meerkats

This is a blog for the made up meerkats of Meerkat Manor season 5 and the ones that follow. I have left some of the with their names, Like Rocket Dog, Zaphod, Aretha and so on with their original names. I also used the names that the meerkat was given from Meerkat Manor, since they often changed their names, Buster, Sophie, Rita, Nikita, Maybelline and so on. Anyways this is for the meerkats that are seen in Meerkat Manor 5.

Thes eare the meerkats I made up.

Dave the new dominant male of the Whiskers. Dave was named after a friend of mine who said he would be Rocket Dog's mate if he were a meerkat. So now he is a meerkat and Rocket Dog's mate.

Cleopatra is the dominant female of the Doppelganger gang. She is a fierce queen who can keep her tro…

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Aniju Aura Aniju Aura 14 November 2010

Favorite Meerkat Manor 5 Moments

Well coming up with ideas on what the meerkats should isn't that hard if you know who animals act. Some people make their meerkats do things they are not suppsoed to due, like one time I read a story that had over 400 meerkats in one group. Impossible, one leader could not keep track of that many animals and they would starve to death because they would eat all the food! Anyways, I don't plan on anything like that from happen in Meerkat Manor. If it isn't something a meerkat can do that it is not going in my story.

Zorro returned to the Commandos. The show never showed us his body, so I thought he was still alive and going to reappeared in the fifth season, that was when I still didn't know he was predated. So I simply didn't change that pa…

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Denny60643 Denny60643 13 November 2010

Which Meerkats do you like on this wiki

Which meerkats do you like on this wiki.Is it Peter,Danny,Kitty,Rocket Dog,Zaphod,Johnny or any other meerkat ? You could choose one that you made also.Think about it please.

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Miss Sophie Miss Sophie 27 March 2010

200 Articles!

Meerkats Fanon Wiki has counted 200 articles! I would like to congragulate everyone for all this hard work! Miss Sophie (talk) 14:47, March 27, 2010 (UTC)

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