Meet the Blizzard Mob! They are a family of 7 meerkats (and counting). Currently, their dominant female is Brisby Blizzard and their dominant male is Frodo Blizzard .


The Blizzard Mob recently reformed on May 30, 2013. They were formed by sisters Brisby, Cincia, Francie, and Piper along with their little brother McFly. The five siblings seem to be the only remaining members of the Blizzard Mob, which was first by their parents Adella and Oskar on January 24, 2011. After Adella died and Oskar left to pursue his roving career with many of grown up sons, the remainig 12 strong Blizzards would face a battle from a larger rival gang that would cause them split apart and scatter. Brisby was left seperated and on her own, until she met up with her close sisters and younger brother. The fantastic five soon joined fources with Brisby's true love Frodo and his roving brother Ajax. Brisby and Frodo became the dominant pair without any problems and Brisby became pregnant.

Members as of June 17, 2013Edit

Brisby Blizzard (dominant female)

Frodo Blizzard (dominant male)

Ajax Blizzard

Cincia Blizzard

Francie Blizzard

Piper Blizzard

McFly Blizzard

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